Can you classify the most common materials used in the home into pure (element compound) or mixture (heterogenous and homogenous) with ten examples of the following: food items, medicines, soaps and detergents, plastics, clothes?

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Food items are compounds--carbohydrates, lipids, proteins are in fact organic compounds, as they all contain carbon and hydrogen. Besides that, there is oxygen in all three and in protein, the element nitrogen as well. We season our food with salt, another compound NaCl, and must consume water--H2O, one of the most important compounds present in our bodies. Carbonic acid is found in soda water, or seltzer. Let's not forget caffeine--C8H10N4O2.  Alcohol such as ethanol, is in liquor and its formula is CH3CH2OH. Vinegar, or acetic acid, is a food additive and in dressings. Baking soda, or sodium bicarbonate is useful when baking. Medicines are all compounds--either naturally occurring and extracted from plants, or synthetic-- produced in a lab. Calcium hydroxide is an antacid and an example. Acetone or nail polish remover, is a compound with the formula CH3COCH3. Ammonia, or NH3 is a household chemical used for cleaning. Gypsum, or calcium sulfate is a compound in wall board. Soaps and detergents are salts of fatty acids. Their formulas contain repeating units or polymers consisting of many atoms of carbon, hydrogen, along with some oxygen and sodium. The chemical formula is CH3(CH2)16COONa). Plastics are polymers which are long chains of repeating formulas, most definitely compounds. For example, polyethylene (-CH2CH2-)n, where n is how long the chain is and determine's the properties of the plastics.

As for elements, the pipes in the home may consist of copper. There is most definitely oxygen in the air, as well as nitrogen, both elements. Calcium supplements for the skeletal system contain calcium, an element. There is iron in the nails in the structure of the home. Carbon is present in charcoal, or in pencil lead. Zinc, a mineral is found in supplements, as is magnesium, and maganese. If someone has jewelry, it may be gold or silver, both are elements. As you can see, the house is a storehouse of various chemicals and compounds!

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