Can you classify "Brave New World" into a special time period?

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This futuristic tale is set in 2495, but the actual date line is secondary to the warning of totalitarianism. The remote future date gives the story universality, which enhances both the tone and the theme.  The suggestion that such a dystopia could happen anytime and anyplace makes the message all the more frightening.

'Brave New World' could be categorized as a science fiction story except for the fact that it is not as "techno" as the genre usually demands. There are indeed the "feelies" and the test tube babies, but the emphasis is not so much on machines and the advancement of science as on the annihilation of the individual. A more appropriate term would be to call it a cautionary tale, since this story does warn the present generation of dangerous sociopathic tendencies already present in our society which could be taken to extremes if not held in check. In the same breath, in an allegorical way it is a criticism of current repressive trends in society, particularly in metropolitan areas susceptible to mass hysteria and conformity under group pressure.

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