Can you analyze the poem (Ballad)"Robin Hood Rescuing Three Squires No. 140, Version B"?I need help with a poetry analysis.

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fernholz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Robin Hood Rescuing Three Squires No. 140, Version B is a poem about Robin Hood's bravery and trickery. Playing tricks is characteristic of Robin Hood. Saving the day is too.

At the beginning of the poem, Robin Hood seems to be minding his own business. He comes across a woman who is crying. The woman explains to Robin Hood that 3 men are going to die. He starts on his way towards Nottingham. While on his way he comes across an old man. The man explains to Robin Hood why the men are going to be killed by hanging. Robin Hood, thinking this unjust, asks the man for his clothes. He decides to dress as the man and continues into town.

Later Robin Hood arrives to Nottingham and encounters the Sheriff who is tricked into believing Robin Hood is an old man. Robin Hood takes out his horn and starts blowing it. This is a signal for his men to come and help. The poem ends with Robin Hood and his men hanging the Sheriff.