Can you analyze the poem "Absolution" by Siegfried Sassoon?

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Sassoon uses metaphor and paradox to convey the idea that war brings soldiers so close to death that they learn to see anything to do with life, including war, as beautiful. In the first stanza, the speaker says that the pain of life on earth sets free the eyes of the soldiers so that they can only see beauty. War is compared, metaphorically, to a scourge, an affliction or weapon of punishment that causes pain, so that, ironically, people fighting for their own freedom actually find that they are already free. This paradox—that one fights for a freedom and yet is already possessed of freedom—hinges on the idea that there is political or social freedom, for which they might fight, and the personal freedom that one gains when one achieves a certain perspective. The pain of conflict passes away for these men because they realize that "Time's but a golden wind that shakes the grass": another metaphor, this one comparing time to a brief and beautiful breeze that comes and quickly goes. They...

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