Can you analyze chapters 1-4 of "The Autobiography of Malcolm X"?

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The first chapter details information about Malcolm's childhood.  His family life and his father's murder.

"The final nightmare in the chapter occurs when, in Malcolm’s words, “our family was destroyed.”

Chapter two has to do with Malcolm's junior high school experience in a white school and his visit to the Boston home of his half-sister, Ella.  He experiences the fullness of a thriving black community in Roxbury.  When he returns to his home, he is unhappy and asks to live with Ella.  The chapter ends with Ella getting custody of Malcolm.

Chapter 3 describes Malcolm's life in the black community in Boston where he becomes involved in selling drugs, liquor and prostitution.  He gets involved with drugs, drinking and gambling. 

Chapter 4 deals with Malcolm's passion for dancing and the meeting of a sheltered black girl named Laura.  They dance together and are a sensational team.  He drops Laura in favor of a wealthy white woman named Sophia. Laura hits bottom, ending up a drug addict in jail.  Malcolm moves in with Shorty.

"The chapter concludes as Malcolm learns that the Japanese have just bombed Pearl Harbor."

For more detail on each chapter, see the summary link below.   

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