Can we say India is a democratic country? Give one example.

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shake99 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

India gained its independence from England in 1947 and adopted its constitution in 1950. It is the kind of democracy known as a “parliamentary democracy.” A parliamentary democracy differs from a presidential democracy in that its executive (usually a prime minister) is chosen from its legislative branch.

Obviously, in a democracy, voters select their political leaders. In India, there is universal suffrage for citizens above 18 years of age (meaning every citizen who is at least 18 can vote). The people vote for the representatives that make up the lower house of the legislative branch, called the Lok Sabha. The Lok Sabha then selects the Prime Minister, who is the head of the government.

India also elects its own state representatives, who then vote for the members of their national upper legislative body, the Rajya Sabha,

Finally, India has multiple political parties that offer voters different political ideologies to choose from.

So India is indeed a democracy, although it has been criticized for failing to adequately achieve the democratic goals of reduced poverty and illiteracy.


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