Can you help me write a persuasive speech about technology or medical relations or social relations? I need to present a persuasive speech about any topic. It must be about 15 minutes. For example, if I choose technology, I must write only about it harms our family relations taking that one side of the topic. One topic idea I may write about is: Technology: We have to use face-to-face communication in order to use cell phones. Technology harms our family relations.   It is an example that I can write about, but I don't have to write only about this topic.

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Let's assume that you have done your research and have statistics, expert opinion, and factual information to support your own opinion. We can also assume that you know that in a persuasive speech, your opinion and your emotional appeal to the audience are as important as expert opinions and logical appeal (unless your instructor has other directions for you). Now the question is: How can I use logic, facts, data, experts and emotional appeals to persuade an audience to agree with me?

While remembering to always speak slowly and with emphasis and proper emotion, let's examine how to do this.

First: Persuasion through factual data is backed up by emotional commitment to your opinion in a persuasive speech. When really concerned that you gain agreement with your opinion, the facts that intellectually impress will persuade when mixed with your emotion. So be sure you can evoke enough correct (not out of control) emotion within yourself for your stance to be persuasive.

Second: To persuade, use relaxed language that is easy to understand. In an objectivity based essay for your instructor or for a periodical, elevated academic language is preferred. For persuading someone to agree with you, educated conversational (not slang) language is preferred. Be certain to select words that convey the emotion you want to evoke, like the more personal "conversation" instead of "communication."

Third: You must have crystallized your opinion so thoroughly in your own mind that you can write a thesis statement that clearly sets out what you believe and want others to believe.

Fourth: You must select your talking points. These will become the equivalent of your paragraph topic sentences. These will be the large ideas under which your specific proofs will fall. One of these will present in brief one opposing opinion and one of its proofs with your disqualifying proofs against it.

Fifth: Assign your proofs (facts, statistics, expert opinion, emotional and logical appeals) to each talking point / topic sentence.

Sixth: Formulate your Conclusion. Here you want to emphasize what you have clearly demonstrated and make a dedicated appeal that your audience follow you and embrace your opinion.

Sample Introduction, Thesis, and Talking Points:

Cell phones provide greater freedom in opportunities to communicate. Yet, they take away from us time honored practices of conversation. Our family relations, the most important relationships we have, suffer the most from these deprivations since families are founded upon a few scant moments before and after work and school. To complement the freedom cell phones give and to offset the displaced practices, face-to-face communication is needed. Let's look at the practices being displaced; the effects of this displacement; the value of face-to-face conversation; and the benefit of it to our families.

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