Can u show me a math poem because i need it to help mei need to know an example of a math poem

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Do you have to write a math poem? If you do an online search for "math poems" you will find many, many examples that other students have written. They can be complicated or simple. For example, here is one I found:

Zero the hero came to school.
Zero the hero knows a rule:
Zero the hero stays in a space,
So all the other numbers get in the right place!

You are a senior in high school, so you would want to create a math poem based on the math you are currently studying, correct? So, it could be algebra, geometry, possibly trig or calculus? Most of the math poems I have read include elements of the particular math being studied. For example, if you are studying geometry, you might have something like:

Volumes, areas and lengths

Are hard for me - they're not my strengths

Equilateral and scalene

Are to me, a big bad dream

See what I mean? So, choose your math and write your poem! Good luck.

princezprevi | Student

thx @lynnebh your answer really helpeddd

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