What is a theme sentence for a body paragraph about one of Romeo's characteristics in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet?

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I think you actually meant to ask about a topic sentence rather than a theme sentence. A topic sentence is the very first sentence of a paragraph and introduces exactly what will be argued in the paragraph. It's sort of like a "mini thesis" in that every sentence you write in the paragraph is aimed at proving your topic sentence. A theme, on the other hand, is a central idea within a piece of literature, a main idea that underlies the whole work. For example, one theme in Romeo and Juliet is violent, passionate emotions vs. rational thought. But if what you need is to write a paragraph analyzing one of Romeo's characteristics then you are really analyzing characterization rather than theme. Characterization is how an author presents the character as a person, including the character's personality traits and characteristics. Therefore, it seems you need to construct a topic sentence for a paragraph analyzing one attribute of Romeo's characterization, rather than a sentence about a theme of the play.

In order to construct a topic sentence discussing one of Romeo's characteristics, you must first analyze enough of his characterization so that you can decide what point interests you most to talk about. There are lots of things to consider when analyzing characterization. Among those things are what does the character do; how does he think; what are his motives; does he make good decisions or poor decisions; what do other characters think of him? A good starting point can be the very first scene in which we...

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