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can u guys plz help me write essay, 2 pages, regarding good respones from a student to the teacher an essay that will let the teacher be happy when the students have a good respnose, plz answer me as soon as possible, i hope it will be the next day thanks 4 ur help :)

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The topic for your essay is unclear. Are you writing about a certain topic? Student responses to a teacher regarding what?

Usually with essay writing you need to determine the format that your teacher wishes  you to present.  Is it a Comparison/Contrast, Persuasive, Argumentative, Cause and Effect, etc.? That, combined with a topic, would really help you to start an outline and rough draft.

Also, an essay must go through what we call the Writing Process. If your essay is due tomorrow, it is difficult to gather information, write and outline, rough draft, find someone to proof read it for you, edit it and retype it for a fresh clean product to present to your teacher. (Remember, you present who you are in the final products that you present to people.) has some wonderful resources for learning how to write essays. Check out the links below to help you find further insight into what you need. Then, ask another question that is more specific so we can assist you more efficiently. :)

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