Can you give me a brief summary of any book written by Maya Angelou?

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besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

What a phenomenal women Dr. Maya Angelou is. One of her most popular books, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, is about the first seventeen years of her life. It focuses on her upbringing in the south in the 1930's. She was very insecure when she was younger and she spends a great deal of time discussing this in her book. She was abandoned as a girl and her self esteem is very low. She feels as if she is ugly and would never amount to anything. She endured severe sexual abuse at one point and the man ends up getting murdered and she blames herself for that. Throughout her childhood she witnessed a lot of racism as well. Eventually a positive father figure is present in her life and she starts to feel more confident in herself. The book ends with the birth of her son.

chocochipleesy | Student

Mrs. Annie Johnson the main character in the New Directions is Maya Angelous grandmother. Maya Angelou is the writer. Annie Johnson is the same person called Momma and Mrs Henderson in " I know why the caged bird sings" which was maya Angelous childhood story. Definitely a must read also. In this essay maya explains how her grandmother pursued a goal of providing for her family (2 sons) at the end of the turning century, economic success was not easy for an African American woman. In many parts of the countrydiscrimination kept African Americans from obtaining an education or high paying jobs. In addition to that being a woman. Woman were considered being men's inferiors and were excluded from the best jobs. Many African American woman could only find work as servants, such as cooks or maids. Annie Johnson however was determined to overcome these obstacles. Starting off by dumping her husband, him taking everything including all the money she starts off with nothing and ends up in the end with a store with people dependent on her.. :D

tooti1996 | Student

In "The New Directions"by Maya Angelou

The story talks about a hard worker woman which is Anne Johnson the life was so bad with her 1. her falture in her marrage 2. Her husband take all the money when travel to Oklhama. Then she start by creating a new direction for it self first by planing meticulously second by training third by starting the progress to work as a cooker to two factories the lumber mill and the cotton gin then she work for a years when her costumer depend on her she built a stall between them then she built market. This is the "New Directions" by Maya Angelou.