I need a sample essay outline.I. A. 1. a. (1) (a) (b) (2) b. 2. B. II. ---------------    

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Here's a sample research paper outline.  Many points do not get specific enough to use (1), (a), but basically every time you make a subject more specific you move down a level. *I apologize, I cannot figure out how to tab correctly.  Basically each new number and letter needs to tab over like your outline.

Thesis: For high-school students, the armed forces is an alternative to college worth learning more about.

I. Requirements

A. The requirements for admission to the military are rigorous.

1. specific requirements

a. HS diploma, clean record, passing test scores


1) Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery

c. understanding of English and math

B. Raoul Fuentes, guidance counselor at Miami Palmetto High School, discussed these requirements in an interview.

1. information from RF interview

a. RF enlisted right out of HS

b. first time to move away from home

2. quotes by RF

a. “I was young, but it was the right thing for me.”

b. “The military isn’t for everybody – but people like me can gain a lot of experience from it.”

II. The Rewards of Enlisting

A. The United States military offers recruits the opportunity to learn new skills, meet new challenges, and master both teamwork and emergency management.

1. boot camp = teamwork, skills, challenges, emergency management

2. educational opportunities in the Marines

3. educational opportunities in the Army

B. In addition to the new opportunities for personal growth and skills training, recruits can earn money towards college.

1. ROTC scholarships

a. several awarded annually

b. check with the college you wish to go to

2. GI Bill

a. $$ to return to college after serving in the military

b. this is a good option for those who enlisted out of high school but seek a higher degree later