can u explain what is meant by dramatic monologue

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A dramatic monologue is a poetic form. The poet creates a character - either imaginary or historical - who is speaking to an imaginary audience.  He is the only character --- hence the term "monologue" During his speech he reveals something important about himself.  An example of a dramatic monologue would be William Wordsworth's "Tintern Abbey"   It begins with the speaker stating that he hasn't visited the area in five years.  He describes the cliffs, the sycamore tree, the cottage grounds, and the orchard trees.  Then he describes how the memory of these "beauteous forms" has provided him with sweet memories and a "tranquil restoration" of his mind in times of "fretful stir"

amara2 | Student

there is dramatic situation that is described and commented by the principal character who acts as the narrator. he is the representative of the poet and his spokesman. he continues speaking to some imaginry and silent listener. there is no one on the stage to interrupt him or answer his questions.

robert browning is very famous for dramatic monologues.