What cells are reproduce during meiosis?Are they haploid or diploid?    

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Meiosis occurs in the gonads or sex organs. These are testes(male)or ovaries(female). The cells that undergo meiosis are body cells and are diploid. However, the end result of meiosis is four haploid cells containing half the chromosomes of a body cell. These cells that are produced are called gametes--sperm or eggs. If a diploid cell in the ovary or testes undergoes meiosis, first, replication of the DNA occurs forming 46 pairs of chromosomes in humans. Meiosis I takes place and the cell divides into two cells. These still contain the diploid amount of chromosomes. A second round of cell division occurs in meiosis II. This results in four haploid cells. In the case of humans, these cells contain 23 chromosomes each. In males, four haploid sperms are the result. In females, one haploid egg and three polar bodies are formed. The polar bodies disintegrate. Meiosis occurs in the sex organs and is a reduction division resulting in gametes containing half the chromosomes as the body cells. 


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