Can you explain the kind of friendship protrayed in the novel by both Toyice and Beka?please give full details so write in paragraph form

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Toycie and Beka are good friends, even though Toycie is older than Beka. In the novel, it says that Toycie remembered what it was like to be 14 and that "Beka could pretend 17" - so they were good friends. They are very different, however. Toycie is interested in boys, and Beka is not. Beka tells everyone she is NEVER getting married. Toycie is in love with Emilio. Also, Toycie is a good student and Beka is not. Beka has failed to pass to the next grade because, she says, "I was fooling around when I should have been doing my work." Beka comes from a stable family - she lives with her mother, father, brothers and grandmother - and Toycie lives with her aunt after having been abandoned by her mother. Beka, however, makes certain that her family helps Toycie out. When Toycie is being expelled from school, Beka gets her father Bill to go to the Sisters of Charity and plead with them to let Toycie finish school. Also, Beka is the first one that Toycie confides in when she learns she is pregnant.

The author uses the friendship of these two characters in a symbolic way as well. Toycie represents the oppression of the Spanish (Bakras) culture against the Creoles. Beka represents the hope that the Creoles will one day be restored to the power that they had in the past in Belize.

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