Compare and contrast the Spanish-American War and WWI.

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In order to get a better answer, it might be helpful to ask a more focused question.  There are many aspects of these wars that could be compared and contrasted.  Here are a few points that you could make:

  • The Spanish-American War was a tiny war that lasted a short time.  WWI was a huge war that lasted a long time.
  • The Spanish-American War was caused largely by a desire in the US for empire and a desire to prove the "masculinity" of the US in war.  People like Theodore Roosevelt thought that the US needed to fight a war to toughen its people and to prove that they were strong.  WWI was caused in part by somewhat different factors.  It was caused by militarism, nationalism, and competition for power between various European countries.  One aspect of this competition for power did involve imperialism, so that aspect of the causes of WWI is similar to a cause of the Spanish-American War.

Outside of the causes, these two wars are rather different because of the huge differences in how big they were.

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