Compare and contrast the Spanish-American War and WWI.

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For the purposes of this question, I will compare American involvement in both wars. Both wars led to a surge in patriotism with some people while some people criticized American involvement in the wars. When both wars started, the US army was not prepared to fight in the wars, as troops and supplies had to be raised quickly. The media played a prominent role in starting both wars—the Maine's sinking was really the result of an internal explosion and Britain and France portrayed Germany as "the Hun" of Europe. Theodore Roosevelt was also featured in both wars: he was a combatant in the Spanish-American War and an advocate for joining WWI.

There were several differences in American involvement in the wars. The United States gained territory as a result of the Spanish-American War; Wilson made a point of not asking for any territory as a result of WWI. The Spanish-American War was between two nations; WWI involved many combatants. WWI killed over 250,000 Americans; the Spanish-American War...

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