Can this story be found in the text book Literature and the Writing Process, 9th edition?

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I am not certain that this story can be found in the edition of which you speak; however it is often anthologized; for instance, it is contained in the textbook eFictions which is a college text published by Joseph F. Trimmer, C. Wade Jennings, and Annette Patterson. You may find out more at Also, see the link below.

Moreover, Kate Chopin's story of one hour's time is available on the internet and can be read at the link below.  Hers is a very compact short story that relates the narrative of a young wife's repression until she receives news of her husband's demise. When she, then, receives an unexpected release from this repression, Mrs. Mallard undergoes ephiphanies and is never the same again.  At first, feeling victorious, Louis Mallard rejoices in her new-found freedom, but the news that her husband is yet alive and well becomes "a joy that kills" her.