Can teenagers really find love as strong as Romeo and Juliet's?It's for a essay for my english 4 class

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jessecreations eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I agree with the posting in #5.  Romeo and Juliet is full of typical teenage drama - fights between rival groups/families, hasty decisions, quick passion, violence and even death.  Romeo and Juliet love each other, sure, but so do a lot of 14-year-olds when they first meet someone they like.  Though you could advance R&J's ages a few years due to the time period in which they lived, their love is still very immature and teenager-ish (so to speak).  They fall in love after one meeting, and they push aside their families' wishes and even their friends in order to be together.  In a normal teenage relationship, this type of thing would last for a while, and then when it ended, they would be back to making up to their friends and families, moving on to another relationship with someone else.  Unfortunately for R&J, they felt they had to go that extra mile to be together, and things didn't work out well for them.  So we'll never know for sure how long their love might have lasted; but we can say, I think, that it is fairly typical of what a lot of teens feel today, and therefore it is the kind of love that can be experienced by teens today.

ladyvols1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

No one loves like teenagers love.  The passion of youth, the hormones, the obsessive love, the I can't live without you obsession is more evident in the teen age years than at any other time in ones life.  We have many examples in modern era that teens have had sucide pacts because the adults in their lives won't let them be together. 

Rosalind and Romeo did have a good thing going until he saw Juliet.  Something about her just sent him over the top and he stood outside under her window just to get another look at her.  Meanwhile she is standing on that balcolny wondering "Romeo, Romeo, where forth art thou?" 

It has also been medically proven that the part of the brain that controls impulses is not fully engaged in teens.  They often have trouble analysing before acting.  The concept of doing impulsive things before thinking it through is very prevalent in teens today.

charcunning eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Please remember that Romeo and Juliet are very young--barely teenagers!

Yes, they think that their love is boundless, but please also remember that Romeo was pining over some other girl in the beginning of the play, and then he sees Juliet and then is suddenly in love with her! Sounds rather fickle, doesn't it?

Also keep in mind that when you tell a teenager NOT to do something, they generally want to do it more! Perhaps that's why their love was so fast and furious--because they knew that their families would protest!

So yes, teenagers can find 'love', inasmuch as a teenager can experience love, but the love between Romeo and Juliet is rather dramatic and one can question 1--is Romeo on the rebound??!! 2--did they only love each other so much to spite their parents?


gbeatty eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Yes, they can—precisely as strong.


To expand on that a bit, look at what happens to them. When the play starts, Romeo is in love with Rosalind. He is so head over heels that his other male friends kid him. When he meets Juliet, the first love is over, the second begins.

They are so passionate that people are afraid to leave them in the same room for fear they'll have sex. That's a measure of intense passion—but it is also a measure of being young and lacking perspective. The same is true of the suicides. Young people all over the world do intense things to be together or as signs of love. They have babies, take drugs, have unprotected sex, etc. Their love is intense, but it is not yet balanced. That's why it ends so badly.

litchick2011 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Depends on what you mean by strong. I think you could argue that the "love" between Romeo and Juliet is not necessarily one that would have survived time. I certainly can't see Romeo and Juliet at the age of 30, still happily married.  So, perhaps the meaning of strong here is in terms of short - lived passion, which I certainly think teenagers are capable of.  That feeling of everything being the end of the world is certainly something more often seen with teenagers than with adults.

amy-lepore eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Why not?  My mother was married at 18 (my dad was 19) and I was born a year later.  They were married for 39 years when he died.  Teens are quite capable of loving strongly...just because people wait to get married later in life now than they once did doesn't mean they've stopped falling in love or being able to feel strong love.  Ask your grandmother when she got married and if she was in love before that.  I'll bet you'll be surprised at her answers!

wrb40 | Student

No and yes...No because a teenager would not kill them self for someone that they had just meet 2 days ago... and with teenagers, a 16-17 year old would never go out with some one who is 4 years younger than they are, its just to big of a maturatie {spl?} level between the two ages... when a girl is 12, they might like the idea that someone likes them, but teenage boys would never in their wildest dreams go out with someone that is 4 years younger than them... one because of the grade difference, and that she's 12... when people get older, the age gap is not that important. But as teenagers it would be very weird.

wshakespeare | Student

Yes they can they just have to trust each other and stop the jealousy thing

bellsworth | Student

Teen love is absolutely capable of having infinite strength.  Teens are pure in a sense.  A person's first love is their open door to the world of caring for someone other than a family member.  When in love as a teen your entire world changes and suddenly you are thinking of this person all of the time.  It encompasses your life, your thoughts, and your dreams.  Their love is just as likely as adult love to withstand time and difficulties.  Many cases of adult love started when they were just teens. 

suecollin | Student

I definately believe that teens can find love as strong as that of Romeo and Juliet.  With 13 to 14 year olds, love is so fickle.  Just as Romeo throws his eternal love for Rosalind away after one look at Juliet, a teen today's love can turn on a dime.  Their love is very strong one moment, and the next someone is crying and the other has already moved on.  Romeo and Juliet's every action is wrought with such passion and intensity.  A typical teenager puts passion in anything they care about.  The question then becomes not can teens find a love as strong as Romeo and Juliet's, but can a love like that survive time and the complexities that wreck relationships?