What is the setting of the Scarlet Ibis?

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"The Scarlet Ibis" is not one of those stories that has an obvious setting; however, there is overt reference to the setting throughout the story. In particular, the story occurs in and around the family home in Southern America, obviously in and around the surrounding countryside based on the author's descriptions. Remember, too, that setting is more than where a story takes place, and this story takes place during the "blighted" summer, with the hurricane bringing down trees and ruining crops." In addition, the devastation of the setting seems to foreshadow the destructive effects that Brother's pushing Doodle beyond his limits.

Be sure to check out the link below for more information on the setting and the specific effects of setting, especially Old Woman Swamp.

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The setting takes place in late July 1912.  The narrator is describing the countryside outside his home.  Although its imagery might suggest to a mild reader one of a weedy garden, it carries a very negative connotation with many images symbolizing a sense of death and sadness, i.e.: empty bird's nest rocking back and forth, names of the dead breezing in through the windows from the graveyard, bleeding trees (can be interpreted as a reference to blood as far as the imagery is concerned), dead flowers, etc.

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The story takes place from 1912 to 1918 in North Carolina. I found the years by skimming over the story in my McDougal Littell literature book for Oklahoma, and the location in the little section of stuff about the story before the story began.

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 I c find ouldn't understand the original setting so it is rather hard to compare the 2 if you do not know one of them!!