Can success be learned?Can success be learned?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In my opinion, success can be learned, and not by buying a book or following a guru.  Success can be learned simply by trying hard, and achieving small successes.  When you do that, you learn how to succeed in bigger things.

I have seen this happen with my children and I have seen it happen with sports teams I've coached.  I've even seen it happen with me.  You start off small, and the small successes give you confidence to succeed in bigger things.

ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This might be semantics but success is the goal in our endeavors and as such it can be achieved but not learned. We take steps and learn skills that help us reach the goal of success, so we can learn how to become successful but we cannot learn success. That being said, I do believe that it is our success at meeting those small goals that enable us to transfer this knowledge of how to be successful to bigger goals.

litteacher8 eNotes educator| Certified Educator
Yes, skills to become successful can be learned. Children can learn how to set goals and work toward them. As adults, they can also learn this if they have not been successful so far. However success needs to be worked at like any other skill.
laurenlulubelle | Student

I completely agree that is can be learned. You just have to learn to adress people to get what you want and define success based on what you have.

deb85 | Student

I know an author who specializes on success. Here is some information:

Mumin Sekman Bio: Who is Mumin Sekman?

Mumin Sekman is a author who has become an expert on achieving success.

He has focused on the intellectual dimensions of success and he is known as “The Success Guru”.

While still a law student, Sekman realized that he was more interested in the natural laws of success than in the Law and began his research.

After finishing university he chose the study of successful people as his field of expertise and performed an analysis of how they had achieved success. He then presented this information as a model for success.

He has written a number of books reflecting his findings. To date, over a million copies of his books have been sold in various countries and languages.

He is particularly interested in a synthesis of Eastern wisdom and Western techniques. The observation of behavioural models for success in different cultures has become his “hobby.”

The author has adopted an increase in the number of successful people across the globe as his personal mission.

“Success can be learned,”  declares Sekman, who maintains that success can be learned like a science and implemented like an art.

According to Mumin Sekman:

“ I am convinced that success can be learned.

You are neither the first to have tried your hand at achieving success in this world, nor will you be the last. Billions before you attempted to be successful. Some succeeded, while others did not. Of those who did succeed, some accomplished major feats, while others achieved medium-sized or even tiny little successes.

Many of those people who attempted to be successful have shared their methods by either writing or talking about them. They have related, to the best of their knowledge, what worked and what did not. All this has contributed to the creation of a knowledge bank of success. Each one of us should make use of this source.

The advancement of humanity begins with the success of the individual. A successful person blazes a trail for others to follow. What the world needs most is greater numbers of successful people.”



Passion,limits and success!

by Mumin Sekman


The anatomy of flying with your own wings.

A step beyond your achievements, what awaits you?

How are the limits of human success defined?

How can a person determine what is and what isn’t achievable?

To what extent should we push our limits?

In search of an answer to that question, this book draws on a wealth of sources, from the ancient Greek philosophers to American business gurus, from traditional Indian fables to Chinese sages.

The author employs Eastern wisdom and Western techniques to help the reader discover the boundless limits of human success.

If you’d like to soar on the wings of your own mind, this book will help you discover endless opportunities for success by teaching you to push your limits.

• Great success comes from the heart, develops in the brain and is brought to life by the hands.

• While you’re alive, you’ll be judged by your latest achievement; when you’re dead, you’ll be remembered for your greatest achievement.