The French Revolution

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I need help on an assignment which requires that I write an essay comparing and contrasting the French and American Revolutions. The essay needs to analyze social, economic, and political causes and effects of both events.  

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The people expressed their resentment towards the oppressive absolute monarchs by supporting the revolution in their countries. America stood against King George while France rejected King Louis XVI. The societies in both countries rallied against oppressive tax regimes instituted by the monarchs. However, the revolution in France was socially supported by a larger upper-class population as compared to the American Revolution.

Economically, the two revolutions were caused by oppressive taxation regimes enforced in attempts by the administration to deal with failing economies. For instance, France had emerged from the Seven Years War that was far too costly for the nation. The difference between the two revolutions was that France was in a worse situation economically compared to America prior to the onset of the revolution.

Politically, the two revolutions were similar because the people lacked representation in both countries. Power and control were vested in the absolute monarchy and nobility. The two revolutions resulted in the withdrawal of recognition accorded to titles of nobility and instead focused on equal representation. The difference between the two was American representation in the British parliament was limited while in France the people had no adequate representation. In France, administration and public policy were restricted to the monarchy and the clergy.

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