Can someone throw light on the status of broadband internet/3g in Binnaguri, Jalpaiguri District, West Bengal, India?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Given its rural location, I think that there are some signficant challenges in establishing a consistent and thorough 3g network in the area.  The current internet facilities are "nondescript."  Part of this lies in the overall difficulty in establishing a 3g network in the rural parts of the world.  In mountainous and regions with a great deal of foliage, I think that internet 3g connectivity becomes a bit of challenge.  Given the presence of tea fields as well as its border location near Bhutan and Nepal, I think that connectivity is going to be a challenge at this point of time.  The privatized ISP's have yet to make a significant foray into territories such as Binnaguri.  I would think that the use of wired ethernet with a slower speed than 3g might be the best option to explore in this setting over anything else in terms of trying to find some aspect of the internet present.

jacobadam01 | Student

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