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Can someone tell me what the advantages of incorporating geographic considerations in assigning cases in probation and parole.

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Parole and probation officers often have large caseloads, and anything that can help them to manage them more successfully is worth considering.  From a logistical point of view, checking up on probationers and parolees is easier if there is a geographical cluster.  It saves the officer time and it saves the government money.  Another reason this is important is that a geographic cluster will provide better knowledge of the environment in which the probationer or parolee lives.  This kind of knowledge is valuable in assessing the risks of recidivism or violation, since the environment can provide support or temptations.  A parole or probation officer can use this knowledge to assist in avoiding temptation and in supporting good choices in the environment.    Additionally, this kind of knowledge can be of use if someone does violate parole or probation and must be found.  Local knowledge is of great importance in law enforcement, and certainly, efficiency is always desirable. 

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