Is there a list of who said what boasts in Beowulf?

Expert Answers
reillyp eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Well, Beowulf boasts to Hrothgar when he comes to Hrothgar's kingdom to kill Grendel.  Here is when he explains to Unferth and the men in the meadhall about the time he swam and killed sea beasts with and without the use of weaponry. When Unferth tells Beowulf that he cannot win against Grendel, Unferth starts the battle with:

"Unferth, Ecglaf's son, who sat at the feet of the king of the Danes, spoke,/ unloosing a battle-rune/ (The bravery of Beowulf was a vexation to him because he envied any man/on this middle-earth who had more glory than himself)"

Beowulf answers him with this boast:

"Well, my friend Unferth, you/have said a good many things about Brecca and that trip,/drunk on beer as you are./Truth to tell, I had more strength/but also more hardships in the waves./He and I were both boys/and boasted out of our youth/that we two would risk/our lives in the sea."

Beowulf then boasts again, after Hrothgar gives him permission to fight:

"Beowulf, that good man, then
spoke some brave words before he got in bed:/
"I don't claim myself any lower in strength or brave deeds than Grendel./ Therefore, I will not kill him with a sword, though I easily might./Though he is famous for strength,
he knows no weapons to cut a shield./If he chooses to forego a sword,/if he dares seek me without weapon,then we two shall fight without,/ and wise God, that king, shall choose who shall win glory."