Does racism still exist today in the United States?

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Racism still exists today. While one might think of it typically as relating to the relationship between whites and African Americans, we find that other kinds of racism are present today and growing.

There is a great deal of resentment today because of the attacks by Osama bin Laden and his followers—of Arabic descent. Suspicion drives the fear of many people with regard to those who look Iranian or Afghani. It is racial discrimination when all people of Arabic descent are judged as terrorists or treated badly because of the actions of radical groups of the same culture.

Because of employment today, some Americans experience feelings of racism when someone of a different race holds a job that others believe should be given first to Americans.

Racism is practiced against Asians, Indians, Latin Americans, etc. And just because things are "better" than they were in the past, do not believe that African Americans are not discriminated against today. Like any other race, some African Americans still experience racial discrimination.

Jack Dovidio, a professor at the University of Connecticut believes that as many as 80 percent of America's white population
"have racist feelings..."

We've reached a point that racism is like a virus that has mutated into a new form that we don't recognize... Contemporary racism is not conscious, and it is not accompanied by dislike, so it gets expressed in indirect, subtle ways...

Studies seem to support this sense that racism is thriving in the American culture:

In the view of a network of scores of US civil rights and human rights organizations, "Discrimination permeates all aspects of life in the United States, and extends to all communities of color."

It would seem that racism is alive and well in the United States.


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This is the sort of question that should go in the Discussion section so you could get lots of different points of view.

My point of view is that it is impossible to deny that racism still exists.  All you have to do is look around on the internet and you can find websites devoted to white supremacy.  Just a year ago, a white supremacist tried to bomb a Martin Luther King, Jr. Day parade in a city near where I live.  So there is no doubt that some racism still exists.

The more important question is whether racism still exists enough to matter on a societal level.  That question is much more difficult to answer and may in fact be impossible to answer objectively.  My own feeling is that racism does still influence our society.  However, I have no way of proving this and I have never felt that racism has had an impact on my life chances.

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