Can someone tell me something about the Muslim view on cosmology?Can someone tell me something about the Muslim view on cosmology?

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This is a fairly broad and intense question.  I think that you will find that the answers you gain here will help open more questions and lead you on a journey through one of the world's most widely worshipped religions.  Most of cosmology as defined by Islam originates with Allah, the supreme being in the faith.  Allah is seen as the source of all, the originator of being in the world.  Through his creation, attributes of Allah's identity is evident through creatures in the world.  Allah can be understood through revelation and through reasoning.  In the case of the former, one learns about the religion and the worship and through this intense devotion, there is an understanding of Allah through experience.  In the case of the latter, through reasoning and intuition, Allah becomes known.  Finally, an essential part of Islamic cosmology is the fact that the universe we inhabit is the "test" universe, in which one's faith and actions help to determine if one is worthy to enter the Judged universe of the divine, perfect in its form.

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