How is nurture critical to the human animal?I have to study about the human animal and have to talk about the role of nurture being critical, can someone tell me about this please?  thanks Joelle

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In many ways, nurture is what makes us who we are as human beings.  Of course, there are aspects to us that come about because of our nature.  We can be tall or short, we can have skin and eyes of different colors.  There are other attributes of ours that are more ambiguous and may be affected by either nature or by nurture.  These are things like our personalities, our temperaments and our intelligence.

But there are also things that are clearly affected by our nurture.  Think of the ways that who you are has been affected by the way you have grown up.  For example, your moral beliefs are likely to have been strongly affected by what your parents believe.  You may belong to a particular church and have particular religious beliefs in part because that is what you have been taught as you have grown up.  As another example, people who grow up in America are taught certain idea about the value of human life and about the importance of the individual that are different from what people in some other societies are taught as they grow up.

Clearly, both our heredity and our nuruture help to make us who we are.  However, those parts of us that are most human (such as what we think and what we believe) seem to be affected to a great extent by our nurture.

seapoodles | Student

The age old question is which is more paramount in human developement, nature or nuture? Nature implies how one is born, or say how their genetic make up creates who they are. Genetics create eye and hair color, size, predispositions to health issues and many personality traits. Nurture, on the other hand, involveds environmental input. For example where a child is raised, the amount of social interaction a child recieves, the degree of education and input. It would seem that both nature and nuture are equally influentional in the formation of the human animal. Look at it this way, if a child is born with good generic make from two intelligent and healthy parents, yet they are raised in an over-crowded orphage with minimal human contact and poor nutrician will they maximize their human potential? Perhaps, but less likely than if the were raised in a happy healthy home. On the flip side if a child has unfortunate genetic mapping from sick parents, who are perhaps on drugs, yet they are placed in a loving nuturing home will they exceed there genetic potential? Surely it is a combination of the the two, genetic make up and environmental input that creates who we are. Therefore, nurture is critical to actualization of the human animal yet it does not superceed the importance of nature.