Can someone summarize the main details of "Winter Dreams"?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This story is very typical of the fiction of F. Scott Fitzgerald, containing themes that he returns to repeatedly both in his shorter and longer fiction. The protagonist of the story is called Dexter Fletcher, who at the story's start is fourteen years old. He suddenly quits his lucrative caddying job when he he told that he has to caddy for Judy Jones, who is a rich, impatient eleven year old girl who fascinates him. Judy becomes part of Dexter's "winter dreams" of gaining glamour and wealth. After he has graduated from college in the East, Dexter returns to Minnesota and earns lots of money by starting up his own laundry business. While playing golf, Dexter again encounters Judy Jones, but now she is grown up and beautiful, and Dexter falls in love with her immediately.

Judy, however, plays with Dexter as she plays with all other men she comes across and who worship her. After a year and a half of pursuing Judy, Dexter gives up on her and becomes engaged to Irene Scheerer. A week before this engagement is formally announced, Judy Jones asks Dexter to marry her, and Dexter leaves Irene for her. Their engagement lasts only a month before Judy Jones leaves Dexter. Dexter then enlists to fight in the first World War. After a break of several years, Dexter, returned to the States, discovers that Judy has now lost her glamour and spirit, and is married to man who treats her terribly. Dexter at the end of the story is left weeping at the realisation that his "winter dreams" are now irrevocably beyond him.