Can someone summarize the key parts of Voyage Five: 1701 and Rosalind's Revenge. I read it but had a hard time understanding everything.

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The voyage referred to is Rosalind Janney's trip from her parents' plantation to Devon Island and to her arranged marriage to Fitzhugh Steed, the well-to-do but old (40 years) and Catholic owner of her new home.

"Rosalind's Revenge" tells the story of how Rosalind Janney Steed rose above her "self-indulgent, moderately capable man content to simulate the management of either a plantation or a marriage," his philandering with Nelly Turlock, and the out-of-wedlock children that resulted. Rosalind plans and establishes the garden of trees that becomes the crowning glory of Devon Island, designs the magnificent house that becomes known as Rosalind's Revenge, drives the pirates from Chesapeake Bay using her own family's funds and ships, and joins Ruth Brinton Paxmore in demonstrating their testimony on behalf of powerless women subjected to exploitation and injustice at the hands of men symbolized by Judge Thomas Broadnax.

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