Can someone put the Mayflower's voyage in sequential order briefly?

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Here are sequential details about the Mayflower's voyage:

  • July 1620: The Mayflower sails from London to Southampton to load in supplies, mostly acquired in Southampton.
  • July 22, 1620: The Speedwell, the ship hired by the Pilgrims to bring them from Delfshaven in the Netherlands to the Mayflower in Southampton, sets sail. After landing in Southampton, the Speedwell, which is leaking, is repaired.
  • August 5, 1620: The Mayflower and Speedwell embark on their voyage to the New World.
  • August 12, 1620: The ships dock at Dartmouth so that the Speedwell, which is leaking again, can be repaired. 
  • August 21, 1620: The two ships set sail for the New World again. Shortly thereafter, the Speedwell again begins to leak after going about 300 miles. The Pilgrims and other travelers decide to return to Plymouth and leave the Speedwell there. The cargo and some of the passengers are brought on board the Mayflower. Some passengers decide to return home.
  • September 6, 1620: The Mayflower leaves Plymouth as the sole ship traveling to America.
  • October 1620: The Mayflower encounters several rough storms. 
  • November 9, 1620: After 66 days at sea, the travelers see land (which is Cape Cod) at sunrise. The passengers try to head to the Hudson River, then part of Northern Virginia, where they intend to land. However, rough seas convince them to return to Cape Cod. 
  • November 11, 1620: The Mayflower anchors at what is now Provincetown Harbor on Cape Cod. Before leaving the ship, 41 male passengers sign the Mayflower Compact. They then disembark to explore the land and find a location to build a settlement.
  • December 10, 1620: One of the passengers finds Plymouth, but the passengers are delayed in docking by inclement weather.
  • December 18, 1620: The Mayflower docks at Plymouth (on Cape Cod). 
  • December 25, 1620: The Pilgrims start constructing the buildings in their new settlement. They endure a difficult winter in which 50 out of the 102 Mayflower passengers die. The Wampanoags under Massasoit help the Pilgrims and other passengers to survive.
  • April 5, 1621: The Mayflower and crew return to England. 
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