Can someone put the Mayflower's voyage in sequential order briefly? 

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July 1620- The Mayflower was hired to sail to Southampton from London, where it was to be loaded with supplies and food for the trip to the New World (America).

July 22- The Pilgrims hired the Speedwell to ship them from Holland so they could meet with the Mayflower in Southampton in order to sail together to the New World.

August 5- After the Speedwell was repaired due to leakages the two ships set sail for America.

August 12- The Speedwell suffered further leakages and both ships docked at Dartmouth and the ship was repaired.

August 21- The Mayflower and the Speedwell set sail again for America. However, due to further leakages in the Speedwell the two ships had to turn bark and docked in Plymouth, England.

September 6- The Speedwell was abandoned at Plymouth and some of the passengers on the Speedwell boarded the Mayflower and embarked on the journey to America.

November 9- The Mayflower sighted Cape Cod having taken 66 days across the Atlantic. Attempts to reach their intended destination (Hudson River New York) failed due to rough seas. The Pilgrims had to turn back to Cape Cod.

December 25- On arrival to the Cape the Pilgrims explored the area and finally settled in Plymouth.

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