Electoral College

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What are some important facts about the Electoral College?

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There are many important facts about the Electoral College.  Some of them include:

It is the entity that officially elects our president.  We are all able to vote for the president (this is called the popular vote) but our vote only goes to determine which candidate will get our state’s electoral votes.  We do not actually technically decide who the president will be.  The Electoral College does that.

It is “winner take all.”  In almost every state, whoever wins the popular vote in that state gets all of the state’s electoral votes.  It doesn’t matter if one candidate gets 50.1% and the other gets 49.9%.  Whoever gets the most votes gets all of the electoral votes.

Each state has the same number of electoral votes as it has members of Congress.  The least, therefore, that any state can have is 3 because all states have at least one Representative and two Senators.

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