Can someone please tell me the description of the bunkhouse at the beginning of Chapter 2?I'm supposed to draw a picture for my English class and I don't have my book. Thanks for any help<3

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mamape eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Hi Idek,

The bunkhouse describes the squalid living conditions migrant workers faced during the Great Depression, the era the book is based in. Here are some of the features inside:

  1. It's a long, rectangular building; three of its walls have windows, and one has just a door.
  2. The walls are whitewashed, and the floor is unpainted.
  3. There are 8 bunks inside.
  4. An apple box is nailed above each bed; the opening of the box faces forward, so that the top and bottom act as shelves for the men's personal possessions 
  5. There is a table in the middle of the room, with boxes as chairs.
  6. There's a black cast-iron stove near one wall - it's flue (pipe) goes up through the roof.

If you want to get a great grade, here are some extra details:

  1. Of the 8 bunks, 5 are made up with blankets, the other three with just burlap ticking on them.
  2. In the apple box above George's bunk, there is a can of powder to get rid of bugs - presumably because the bunkhouse harbors fleas and/or lice - although Candy (the "swamper" who cleans the bunkhouse) denies this.
  3. There are playing cards scattered all over the table.

Good luck with your drawing!

samtyler | Student

just look at chapter 2 first para

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