Can someone please summarize Act V, i, of The Merchant of Venice?

Expert Answers
accessteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This final scene of resolution opens with Lorenzo and Jessica's famous love scene. Following this, the arrival of Portia and Nerissa is announced from the monastery, where they have supposedly been praying and waiting for their husbands, and music is played to greet them. Next, the husbands return, and both of them are told off by their respective wives for having given their rings away after swearing that they would never part from them. However, Antonio saves the day for his friend and achieves reconciliation when he swears upon his soul that Bassanio will never again break such a promise, and the ladies return the rings to their husbands. In a sudden reversal of fortunes, a letter informs Antonio and the audience that three of Antonio's ships have safely made it to harbour. Lorenzo and Jessica are told of Shylock's will and their provision, and finally the three happy couples leave the stage.