A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn

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Can someone please summarize in detail chapters 10-12 for the book A People's History of the United States by Howard Zinn?

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Please note that answers on this site cannot be more than about 500 words so I can only devote about 160 words to each of these chapters.  This means the summaries cannot be extremely detailed.

In Chapter 10, Zinn focuses on the idea that the elites of America before and after the Civil War used the middle classes as allies to help them keep the lower classes down.  During much of the 1800s (particularly from about 1830 on), there was a wide gap between rich and poor in America.  Zinn argues that it would have been natural for the poor to rise up against the rich.  He mentions the Anti-Renter movement and Dorr’s Rebellion as two instances in which the poor did rise up.  He then asks how it was that such rebellions did not happen more often.  He says that this was because the elites enlisted the support of the middle classes to help them keep the poor subjugated.  Because of this, the elites were able to get the government to help suppress things like the labor movement that...

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