Can someone please provide a brief summary of Chance for me?Nothing incrediblly detailed; just enough to explain the plot.

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Joseph Conrad's novel Chance is more of a novel of character than of plot. Although the main narrator is Charles Marlow, different people tell bits of the story to him, and so we have multiple narrative perspectives and a rather fractured plot. One level of plot is simply the way in which Marlow himself drifts through life and encounters and learns about people by chance. The second level of plot, and the somewhat more structured one, is the life of the heroine Flora de Barral. She is born to Smith de Barral, a man who is wealthy and brings her up in a safe and prosperous childhood, until he is convicted of swindling and jailed. She then undergoes various adventures and perils, marries Captain Anthony, and finally is reunited with her father when he is released after his imprisonment ends.

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