can someone please help me with the theme of this book? thank you~

shwethak | Student

The  book is about a thirteen year old boy who is got addicted to drugs(heroin) due to various reasons and the impact of the same on his family life and his educational life.Written byAlice Childress it tells you the effects of drugs on a teenager named Benjie Johnson,his family and the community at large.His main concern is of lost identity which gets him addicted.He is a strong willed teen ,sensitive,confused and also some one longing for love and security.His present state is mainly due to the fact that his biological father abondened him and the family and his mom has found a step father for him.While his mother and grandmother putup their their best efforts to nurture him and bring him to the right tracks, its actually due to the influence of his step father that he decides to quit his addiction.He begins to gain a lot of self confidence and also the support from his father that he embraces a new lease of life of love,sharing,understanding and compassion.The novel also focusses on the fact that women alone are not responsible for the family matters and that men too have equal responsibilities.

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