Can someone please help me with the following Global Policy - American Government questions.  Also please tell me briefly why you choose this option 1.A program that commits the government to...

Can someone please help me with the following Global Policy - American Government questions.  Also please tell me briefly why you choose this option

1.A program that commits the government to give benefits to all who meet some specified criteria is a _______ program - a. revenue-sharing b. categorical grant c. Gramm-Rudman-Hollings or d. entitlement

2.Significant tax reform is normally difficult because - a. tax policy can be changed only by constitutional amendment b. the president usually supports the status quo c. special interests mobilize to preserve provisions favorable to them or d. there has been little criticism of existing tax measures

3.The single greatest cause of tax increases at the federal level since World War II has been - a. the greatest income tax b. social security taxes c. tax funding for education programs or d. the military budget

4.All of the following have been identified as uncontrollable or relatively uncontrollable outlays EXCEPT - a. social security b. interest on the national debt c. veterans' benefits or d. defense spending

5.A major result of the Great Depression was to - a. shift the burden of economic policy to the states b. increase the economic role of the federal government c. make Americans more self-sufficient and less demanding of government or d. strengthen the advocates of free-market capitalism

6.What was the New Deal a. a strategy to end World War II b. a number of government policies designed to end the Great Depression c. a plan to reconstruct the membership of the Supreme Court or d. a series of plans to adapt easily to industrialization

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Question 1:  The answer is Option D.  Entitlements are programs where everyone who meets the criteria gets the benefit, regardless of how much it costs the government to pay out those benefits.  This is one reason we are so worried about entitlement spending—that spending can increase and increase without any government action. 

Question 2: Option C is the best answer.  Each tax break in the tax code is strongly supported by some interest group that it helps.  It means a great deal to that group to have the tax break.  By contrast, there is no group that would benefit all that much from ending the tax break.  Therefore, these loopholes end up remaining open no matter how much presidential candidates inveigh against them.

Question 3:  I cannot answer because I am unsure what Option A should read. 

Question 4:  This is less objective than the other questions.  I would say that Option C is the best answer, but I strongly suggest that you consult your textbook.  This is because the idea of “relatively uncontrollable” is not a very clear concept.  For example, liberals might think that military spending is relatively uncontrollable while conservatives would think it is too limited.  I would say that Option C is the best answer because many people think that these benefits are too limited.  In addition, as can be seen in the article in the link below, much of this spending is not mandatory and is therefore controllable.  Again, you really should see what your textbook says about this one.

Question 5:  Option B is the right answer.  The Great Depression led to a tremendous increase in the federal government’s role in the economy.  For example, the federal government started doing things like paying farmers to reduce production while creating price supports for some crops.  It created Social Security.   This is why conservatives often see the Great Depression as a turning point that harmed America by greatly increasing the role of government in the economy.

Question 6: Option B is the right answer.  The New Deal is the name for President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s efforts to end the Depression and to try to ensure that there could never be another depression.