Can someone please help me with the following American Government questions regarding The Presidency and briefly explain why you selected one of the options that I put with each question please....

Can someone please help me with the following American Government questions regarding The Presidency and briefly explain why you selected one of the options that I put with each question please.

1.The War Powers Resolution of 1973 is an example of;-  a) Congress seeking to reassert eroded authority b. delegation of powers by Congress to the president c. presidential delegation of authority to the president's staff or d. presidential prerogative power

2. Presidential candidates are often vague about their policies during the campaign because:-  - a. only a sitting president knows enough about government policy to formulate detailed proposals b. during their political careers they have avoided becoming associated with particular issues or causes c. they usually lack the intelligence and knowledge to grasp the details of issues or d. detailed plans are more vulnerable to criticism and may offend some voters

3. Newly elected presidents almost always claim popular "mandates" for their policies. Those knowledgeable about the electoral process might dispute this claim by pointing out that : a. only about half of the eligible voters actually vote in contemporary presidential elections b. specific policy positions are rarely the cause of electoral victory or defeat c. the very same voters who elected the president probably returned the opposite party to control of Congress or d. all of the above

4. The organization of the White House staff is: - a. constitutionally mandated b. determined by each president according to his personal needs c. subject to Senate approval or d. determined by the party leadership in Congress

5. Which of the following has the most influence on the president?: - a. cabinet b. vice president c. White House staff or d National Security Council 

6. The size of the cabinet has grown over the years because: a. cabinet appointments are a convenient way for the president to hand out patronage jobs b. government's responsibility has grown c. Congress passed a law providing that cabinet departments (for example, Health and Commerce) must correspond to similar congressional committees or d. the Constitution was amended to ensure that the size of the cabinet would always be proportional to the overall size of the bureaucracy.

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mkoren eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The War Powers Act of 1973 was an attempt to get back powers Congress gave to the President in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. This was clearly an attempt by Congress to regain lost powers. Unfortunately, this law hasn’t worked as well as Congress would have liked.

Presidential candidates are vague about policies during the campaign because it opens them up to criticism. It also holds them to a stated position. If they change their mind later, it may cause them problems. George H. Bush’s “Read my lips, no new taxes” promise is an example.

Popular mandates rarely exist. If more than half the eligible people vote in an election, it is unusual. Thus, it is difficult to declare than 50% of the voters would really be a popular mandate.

The organization of the White House staff is determined by the needs of the President. Each president has different needs that will affect the makeup of his staff.

The President’s Cabinet will have the greatest influence on the President. The Cabinet covers most of the key areas of government and deals with most issues that are significant and important. The President relies heavily on his Cabinet.

The size of the Cabinet has grown because the responsibility of the federal government has grown. As a result, more Cabinet departments have been created to deal with the additional responsibilities the government handles.