Can someone please help me and tell me what is the context of Homer's Iliad? This is a general question I have to answer for class tomorrow, I'm learning what the Iliad was about.

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Since your question is in the history section, I will offer some information on the historical context of the Iliad. This book deals with the Trojan war. The Trojans in the city of Troy were attacked by the Achaeans from Greece. The trouble starts with the very beautiful Helen, wife of Menelaus. Paris, the prince of Troy, steals Helen from Menelaus, the king of Sparta. in his rage, Menelaus begs the king of Mycenae (his Achaean brother), Agamemnon, to aid him in exacting revenge on the Trojans. Of course, the mythological tale involves many gods and goddesses. It tells of their quarrels and influence on the ten year war. Once, Greeks believed this was a real war; however, modern historians aren't so sure. We know that the cities of Sparta and Mycenae were real places. The existence of Troy is still debated. If the story is based on an actual war or other historical event, it is unlikely to have happened as the story the Iliad details.
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