Can someone please help me my research project please... The project has to do with how the United Nations deals with global issues. Each of us is assigned to be part of the UN (China, U.S.,...

Can someone please help me my research project please... The project has to do with how the United Nations deals with global issues. Each of us is assigned to be part of the UN (China, U.S., Russia, and etc.) We later have to come together to discuss how each of us is going to deal with those issues. The issues that we have to discuss are humanitarian crisis in the Central African Republic, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, and political protests in Venezuela. I got to be China so can someone help me explain whether or not I (China) should deal with those issues and how? Why?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As China, you do not want the UN to intervene in any of these crises.  If the UN does want to intervene, you could probably allow it to do so in the CAR, but you would want to use your veto if it were to try to intervene in either of the other situations.  The main reason why you will not support intervention is because your country does not believe that international bodies should get involved in the affairs of sovereign nations.  You will also oppose intervention because of your relations with the countries involved.

China is completely opposed to the idea that international bodies (or individual countries) should interfere in the affairs of sovereign countries.  China believes this mostly because it knows that there are many countries that want to intervene in China’s own affairs.  There are many countries that want to push China to do more to protect the human rights of its own citizens.  There are many countries that feel that China is abusing its ethnic minorities.  There are many countries that would like China to give Tibet more autonomy.  All of this means that China is deeply suspicious of any outside intervention in the affairs of any country.

In addition, China is on relatively good terms with Russia and Venezuela.  Both China and Russia see themselves as rivals or as counterweights to the influence of the West.  They tend to work together to do things like blocking UN intervention in Syria.  For this reason, it is unlikely that China would want to do anything to sanction Russia for its actions with regard to Ukraine. 

China is also on good terms with Venezuela.  Venezuela has resources (notably oil) that China wants.  It is also a country that is very anti-American.  Since China is interested in limiting American influence around the world, it makes sense for China to support Venezuela.  Therefore, China will not want to intervene to prevent the Venezuelan government from suppressing the protests.

For all these reasons, I would say that you should use China’s power to prevent the UN from intervening in these situations, though you could allow humanitarian aid to the CAR. 

gaara1012 | Student

What should I say for the purpose of intervening the CAR?

tyler-k | Student

First you need to research all three current events and how they are relevant to China and its government. Then you need to decide whether or not it would benefit China to interfere. From there, to write a strong paper, you need to stich by your statement on all three issues and prove why you believe China should or should not get involved.

parama9000 | Student

China's long-term policy is to not intervene in the affairs of the other countries, and is entitled to a veto into the UN.

In this case, for CAR, China can intervene if it has no choice, but China would try as much to veto.

As for Russia and Venezuela, China will definitely not intervene as it has good relations with the other two countries.