Can someone please help me make an intro with combining how the death penalty and zoos should be stoppedhelp me please

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M.P. Ossa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From what your question suggests, you are trying to write an essay where you wish to talk about two points that you disagree with: you disagree with zoos presumably because of the fact that these are places that keep animals captive instead of letting them roam in their natural environment. On the other hand, you also disagree with the death penalty because of your own, personal belief that death should not be punished with more death.

Here is where we may find a conflict: in every kind of essay you must focus on one topic specifically because you need to write about the evidence that will support your argument. The only thing that zoos and the death penalty have in common is that you disagree with both of them. However, since they are two completely separate thing, your essay may run the risk of becoming  a) too elaborate, b) too long or,  c) confusing.

Consider this suggestion: write an more specific essay that starts out saying: "If I were a legislator, I would create laws that would eliminate public zoos and the death penalty".

With an introduction like this, you officially connect these two, otherwise different, topics by consolidating them under a plan of action that you would take if you had the power to change things in society. This would make a lot more sense than to speak of zoos and death penalty interchangeably only because you dislike both.

Hence, a good introduction to an argumentative essay that speaks against the public funding of zoos and against the legal aspects of the death penalty could be (for example):

"When the next President of the United States is elected in 2016, I would like my vote to make a difference. My vote will go for a candidate that shares my opinion in at least two issues that are of most importance to me: the public funding of zoos, and the death penalty option in our judiciary system. Although these are two separate and different issues, they could both be considered as cruel practices in modern society. By conducting a close analysis of each of these issues, you may agree with me in that they both should be eliminated."

The previous example combines the two topics under the premise that you want both issues to be dealt with politically as part of social reforms. This will ultimately make it easier for you to make your point and to send a positive message of change across to  your intended audience.

After your introduction, start with ONE topic first, say, your opposition to zoos. Explain exactly why zoo-keeping is a bad thing, and provide at least three points of evidence (real evidence, researched and with citations), that support your view. After listing the evidence, state what should be done instead of funding zoos. Do not offer an alternative solution until your solution paragraph, which comes right before your conclusion.

When you are done with zoos, move on to the death penalty. Do the same exact format that you followed for the zoo argument. Again, do not offer any alternative solution until you come to your solution paragraph which is the one right before conclusion.

In the solution paragraph, you have a chance to combine both topics and provide your own solution to each issue. After explaining how you would solve both problems separately, you can wrap up your essay in your final, conclusion paragraph.


yahooawesome | Student

with combining them i came with using respect for living things but i just do not understand how to make a good attention getter to use for my presentation