Can someone please give me some good quotes on how people in Maycomb are very judgemental in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Just about everybody (but Boo Radley) in Maycomb gets into the act when it comes to making judgemental statements in To Kill a Mockingbird--especially the women.

MISS STEPHANIE CRAWFORD. Miss Stephanie is the town's leading gossip, and she is never at a loss for making annoying comments about others. At the missionary circle tea, she asks Scout,

     "Don't you want to grow up to become a lawyer?"
     ... I answered mildly, "Nome, just a lady."
     Miss Stephanie eyed me suspiciously, decided that I meant no impertinence, and contented herself with, "Well, you won't get very far until you start wearing dresses more often."  (Chapter 24)

MRS. GRACE MERRIWEATHER.  Although she is considered "the most devout lady in Maycomb," it is but a guise for her opinionated diatribe against others.

"Hypocrites, Mrs. Perkins, born hypocrites," Mrs. Merriweather was saying... I think that woman, that Mrs. Roosevelt's lost her mind--just plain lost her mind coming down to Birmingham and tryin' to sit with 'em (Negroes). If I was the Mayor of Birmingham, I'd--" (Chapter 24)

AUNT ALEXANDRA.  Alexandra is so caught up with heredity and "gentle breeding" that she considers virtually everyone socially beneath the Finch family. When Scout wants her friend, Walter Cunningham Jr., to come and visit, Alexandra refuses,

"Because--he--is--trash, that's why... I'll not have you around him, picking up his habits and learning Lord-knows-what."  (Chapter 23)

MRS. DUBOSE.  Although it may have been the morphine (or lack of it) talking, Mrs. Dubose has her own opinions about Atticus.

"Your father's no better than the niggers and trash he works for!" (Chapter 11

MISS CAROLINE FISHER.  Scout's first grade teacher is well-educated, but she proves to be uninformed about the people of Maycomb.

     "It's best to begin reading with a fresh mind. You tell him I'll take over from here and try to undo the damage--
     "Your father does not know how to teach."  (Chapter 2)

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