Can someone please give me some good quotes on how people in Maycomb are very judgemental in To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Just about everybody (but Boo Radley) in Maycomb gets into the act when it comes to making judgemental statements in To Kill a Mockingbird--especially the women.

MISS STEPHANIE CRAWFORD. Miss Stephanie is the town's leading gossip, and she is never at a loss for making annoying comments about others. At the missionary circle tea, she asks Scout,

     "Don't you want to grow up to become a lawyer?"
     ... I answered mildly, "Nome, just a lady."
     Miss Stephanie eyed me suspiciously, decided that I meant no impertinence, and contented herself with, "Well, you won't get very far until you start wearing dresses more often."  (Chapter 24)

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