Can someone please give me a brief note of each one of these words, I know waht most of them mean but i need a quick note of each.The words are: circle center  radius congruent diameter...

Can someone please give me a brief note of each one of these words, I know waht most of them mean but i need a quick note of each.

The words are:









tangent circles

concentric circles

common internal/external tangent

yongmoon | Student

circle: the locus of all points equidistant from a center; pick a point and plot every point distance r from the original point. This gives you a circle.

center: the middle (need to be more specific)

center (of a circle): the beginning of a circle; the locus point from which every point on the circle is equidistant from

radius: the distance between the center point and every other point on the circle

congruent: similar in shape and equal in size

diameter: twice the radius; the maximum length of a chord in a circle

chord: any line segment connecting two points in a circle

secant: any line that has two points of intersection with the circle

tangent: any line that was only one point of intersecting with the circle

tangent circles: two circles that share only one point in common

concentric circles: two circles who share the same center point

common internal tangent: a tangent line common to two circles "between" the two circles; occurs when there is a tangent line with the same point of tangency as where two concentric circles touch

common external tangent: a tangent line common to two circles "outside" the two circles; occurs when there is a tangent line that does not share the same points of tangency as where the two concentric circles touch.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Circle: It is a closed curve on a plane such that all points of the curve are the same distance from a point that lies within the curve.  This point is called the centre.  There are 360 degrees in a circle.

Center: Center of a circle is the point from which all points of a circle are at the same distance.

Congruent:Congruence refers to two or more geometrical figures that have same size and shapes. All circles with same diameter are congruent.

Chord: Chord of a circle is a straight line between two points on the circumference of a circle.

Diameter: Diameter is a chord that passes through the center of a circle. It is the longest chord of a circle, and divides the circle in two equal pars called semicircles. Diameter is also used to represent the length of such a chord.

Radius: It is the distance from the centre of a circle to the circumference.  It equals half the length of a diameter.  The word radius is also used to mean any line that joins the centre to the circumference.

Secant: It is is a straight line that intersects a circle at two points.

Tangent: A line that just touches the circle, or meets the circle at just one point, is called a tangent. The term tangent is used for any curve and not just circles.

Tangent circles:This refers to two or more circles that intersect in a single point. A tangent touching one circle at this point of intersection is also the tangent for all other intersecting circles.  There are two types of tangency: internal and external. In internal tangency all circles with common tangent are contained within one another. In external tangency the intersecting circles are outside each other. At one common point of intersection it is possible o have only two such circle.

Common internal tangent: It is tangent that is common to a number of circles contained within each other.

Common external tangent: It is tangent that is a to two circles that are external to each other.

Concentric circles: Concentric circles are two ore more circle with a common center.

neela | Student

Circle is a curve any poin on which is at a constant distance from a fixed point. The fixed point is called the

center and

the  radius is the constant distant from the centere to the circumference or the curve of constant distance.

congruent: Two  figure are congruent if they are equal in shape and size . Congruency is a property of two graphs means you can transform one into another by translation and rotatation.

Diameter is equal to double radius in measure but it is the linne from any point on the cicumference to the other point on the circumference through the centre of the circle. The diameter divides th circle into two equal semicicle. It is also a greatest chord.

A chord is any line  Joining two different points on the circle.

A secant is any line that crosses the circle at two points.

A tangent is a line which touches the circle. It can also be tought of as a limitting position of secant where two points of the secant slide into one as we move the one end of the secant keeping the other end fixed. And finally it gets off the circle after the limitting point.

Ttangent circles are the cicles which touch either internally or externally .

Concentric circles are cicles drawn  with a common centre but different radii.

Common internal/external tangent :An  Internal tangent of two cicle is a tangent that intersects line joining the centre of the circles, between the centre.

An exernal tangent intersects the line joining the circle, outside (or external to )the centres.