Can someone please explain this quote? "The girl and her heart become friends, and neither was capable now of betraying each other."PLEASSE ANSWERRR ..

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lynnebh eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I do not recognize this quote - is it from a piece of literature? Just based on the quote alone, I will venture an explanation for you. When the girl becomes friends with her heart, this means that the girl understands what is in her heart, what is important to her, the deepest concerns in her life. In becoming "friends" with her heart, it is a symbolic way of saying that she comes to self-knowledge. Once this happens, she will never betray herself or what is most important to her. She will remain true to herself, because she and her heart are one. She will not betray her heart, and her heart will not betray her, because they are one. By personifying the heart in the second part of the quote, it means that her heart would not give her away - so she would not reveal things buried deep in her heart that might make her vulnerable, that might betray her.

If you can provide more information, perhaps we can help you more.

tawnyad | Student

"The girl and her heart become friends" I would think, is in refrence to self exploration. Finnaly realizing who she is as a woman and what she wants a needs in her life.

"Neither was capable now of betraying each other" She could no longer go against what her heart was telling her, for what was in her heart (wether that be a moral compass or what not) is what defines her own identity now...


*Not sure what context this is coming from but should make sense