Can someone please explain how to write an equation in slope-intercept form for one of these graphs?  Thanks!

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The image is very small and none of the graphs are clear. But the graph in the middle on the top row is one that shows a line with equation y = x.

This line has a slope of 1 and as it passes through the origin, the intercept is 0.

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I try to explain the slope intercept form for Q.1 in graph . (Sorry I unable to find a good quality image from attachment ,if you unable to understand again I shall explain )

Line posses through (-4,0) and (0,3)

On looking graph immediately you can conclude x-intercept is -4 and y-intercept is 3

calculate slope of the line from the points



Line posses through (0,3) ( you can choose another point also)




which is similar to


c = y-intercept

m=slope of the line with positive x-axis.

It just simple.