Can someone please explain how to do #15?

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Let the right wire be `x`  and let the left wire be `y.`

Using the law of sines, `(sin A)/a = (sin B)/b,`  we can find each length. A and B represent angles and a and b represent side lengths opposite those angles.

To find `y`  , `(sin 60)/15 = (sin 45)/y`

Cross multiply to find `y.`

`y* sin 60 = 15* sin 45` Divide both sides by `sin 60`

`y = 12.24744`

To find `x` , `(sin 60)/15 = (sin 75)/x`

Cross multiply to find `x.`

`x* sin 60 = 15* sin 75` Divide by `sin 60`

`x = 16.73032`

Therefore, the left wire,`y` , is approximately 12.247 meters and the right wire, `x`  , is approximately 16.730 meters.

(These answers are rounded to the nearest thousandth.)

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