Can someone please explain how to do #13?

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mvcdc eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Usually, these kinds of problems are done by starting with the given. Following is the complete proof:

Statement 1:

     `t _|_l`

Reason 1:


Statement 2:

     `m /_1=90`

Reason 2:

     Definition of perpendicular lines 

     Perpendicular lines form right angles, angles with measure 90 degrees

Statement 3: 

     `l || n`

Reason 3:


Statement 4:

     `/_2 cong /_1 o r /_1 cong /_2`

Reason 4:

     Corresponding Angles are Congruent

    When a transversal cuts through two parallel lines, corresponding angles generated are congruent to each other.

Statement 5:

     `m /_2 = 90`

Reason 5:

     Substitution property. Using statements 2, and 4, we derive statement 5.

Statement 6:

     `t _|_ n`

Reason 6:

     Definition of perpendicular angles


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