Can someone teach me how to draft a memo for management that poses the following questions to company employees? a. Can you suggest a new scheme for creating login ID’s that would be difficult for a hacker to ascertain? b. What length of passwords would you recommend, what combination of letter, numbers and other symbols included? c. How often would you recommend that employees be required to change their passwords and would it ever be allowed to repeat previous passwords?

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Keeping in mind that eNotes does not do student assignment for them, we can look at memo writing and suggest a small part of a sample.

Memos are a part of business communications that are informal and, sometimes, draft documents. Memos may have a prescribed format on specialized "Memo" stationery that is less formal than company letterhead. Yet the first lines are given to the company's name and address and the date, while the next lines are for the To, From, and Subject information.

In the first paragraph or two, the memo states a case about what is to be considered of done. It might start something this:

  • To resist the dangers posed by hackers, I am looking for ideas about how to create new company logins that are hacker resistant.
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