Can someone please do annotative bibliography notes for these link's information? 1. 2....

Can someone please do annotative bibliography notes for these link's information?








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psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When you are creating an annotated bibliography you are creating a list of articles to be used for research or a paper that includes a short description of what the source tells you to tell the reader about the relevance of the article.

This is different than a reference section, which can be written in the MLA or APA writing style which serves to show the reader the specific location that information within the paper can be found so they can go to the primary source for more information if wanted.

In order to create an annotated bibliography you first want to cite each source according to the MLA or APA writing style that you are following.  Then after the citation you want to create a concise synopsis of what the article is about in about one to 5 sentences. Below is a link to the Purdue Writing Lab that provides examples of how to create an annotated bibliography.

On a side note it is important to note that not all sources are appropriate for academic papers. For example Wikipedia is not a peer reviewed source, and as anyone can edit this open source, there is no way to confirm if the information is correct. As a result this is not an appropriate source to use within an academic paper.

umairhp | Student

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(1) and (7) cannot really be cited since they don't have any Publisher, Publishing date, Author information. Hope it helps.